Town of Grafton

Safe and Responsible Burning

Annual cleanup of twigs, branches continue and many of us are interested in safely and responsibly burning yard waste.    This is a reminder that open burning is a privilege and not a right.   The peace and safety of your neighbors is your responsibility.    We can openly burn trees and brush that are from our property as well as unpainted and untreated wood and lumber that originates on our property.   Please follow the following guidelines when burning.) Have a pit or clear area that is far from dry grass or wooded areas.

2) Keep your fire to a proper size for your area, small fires that burn clean will do more than large ones that smolder.

3) Be there to keep your fire under control and have a plan if wind comes up to put it out

4) Be aware of smoke, it is your privilege to burn but not to disturb neighbors

5) Wind is the major cause of brush and grass fires.  Do not burn on windy days.   You are liable for damage to property, if you can see all of the stripes on a flag it is too windy.

6) Use the WIND method.   When IN Doubt…………..DON”T.

7) Please make sure your fire is properly extinguished with water and by raking it so all embers are out in order that the fire will not start up again or smolder causing it to smoke and disturb neighbors.

8)  Our Fire and EMS services are taxed heavily enough, grass fires that result from carelessness put unnecessary stress on them.

9) Preserve this privilege for all and burn responsibly.

Thank you
Lester Bartel
Town Chairman