Hunting in the Town

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Do I need special permits to hunt in the Town of Grafton?

In addition to the required DNR licenses/permits (turkey, deer, etc.), a hunter who is not discharging a firearm on his or her own property is required to obtain a Weapons Discharge Permit from the Town of Grafton. The property owner and the hunter are required to sign the form. This signed form must be submitted to the Town for our records; also, please keep this form on hand during your hunt.

What is the cost of the Weapons Discharge Permit?

$5 Annual Fee

Are there any areas in the Town that I cannot hunt?

Please see the Town of Grafton Firearm Non-Discharge Area Map below.


Weapons Discharge Permit Application 2018 - Fillable Form


Town of Grafton Firearm Non-Discharge Area Map

Town of Grafton Code of Ordinances - FIREARMS

2020 Amendment to Firearms Code

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